Libatel uses IoT, Data and Analytics to Innovate

Innovation is an important driver for Libatel. In an effort to pull new ideas, to help businesses boost productivity, our team thinks smart to deliver companies powerful, new IoT solutions.

IoT provides better quality information that aids better decision making
What is IoT

The Internet of Things is made up of everyday devices – from simple objects to sensors and smartphones – connected to the Internet and to one another, with one goal: provide data and analytics that offer users opportunity to be more efficient, saving time and money in the process


“The Internet of Things is reshaping life as we know it from the home to the office and beyond.”

As IoT is expected to play a significant role in enhancing agricultural productivity, at Libatel, we have decided to exploit its potential by implementing the precision viticulture.
From IoT, partnerships and vines grow the fruits of innovation

Libatel proposes a POC to demonstrate how sensor data from a vineyard environment can be collected and processed in order to better inform wine producers about their grapes.

Smart sensors are key in developing IoT applications as they help modernize and streamline analytics and connectivity.
As part of this POC involving



We partnered also with technology leaders


For the smart vineyards, our sensors measure a variety of environmental factors, including:

  • Air humidity and temperature
  • Soil moisture and temperature
  • Luminosity & solar radiation

precision viticulture


In order to evaluate the IoT solution and to assess its performance, the innovative technology is being applied to 6 terroirs from Domaine Chateau Kefraya in Beqaa, Lebanon


The solution comprises of IoT gateways connected to sensors which are placed throughout the vineyard. Sensors collect environmental data, which is send to a back-end platform to perform analysis.


Libatel installed a system of sensors that take in humidity, temperature and soil moisture, offering real-time information on 6 terroirs. The collected parameters are then accessible from a computer or smartphone for analytics on a platform specially designed by Libatel software team.


Kefraya’s employees spend less time walking the land looking for data gathering. The data collected allows Kefraya to assess vineyard conditions in order to define the optimal time and location for irrigation. Finally, this data is used to perform predictive analysis. It also supports resource management and real-time remote monitoring, which lead to higher quality production and lower costs.

To find out more about Libatel smart solution for vineyards click on video

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The Internet of Things will improve productivity, efficiency and customer service for businesses across all industries by:

  • Automating data collection

  • Remotely monitoring parameters

  • Accessing data from any device at any time

  • Collecting data to inform both current and future work

  • Resolving problems with insightful analytics

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