Internet of Things

Libatel uses IoT, Data and Analytics to Innovate Innovation¬†is an important driver for Libatel. In an effort to pull new ideas, to help businesses boost productivity, our team thinks smart to deliver companies powerful, new IoT solutions. IoT provides better quality information that aids better decision making What is IoT The Internet of Things is… Details

Voice and Multimedia

Engage your people and your customers Now more than ever, users expect to be able to communicate anytime from anywhere, without delay. Make it fast and easy to connect with you Libatel revolutionizes your business productivity by better connecting your employee to customer to business partner. We combine voice, video, and data communications on an… Details

Network Infrastructure

You say: Network Infrastructure? We answer: simple, agile and programmable, with the ability to scale up rapidly. With a growing demand for more interactivity and mobility, organizations need a more simple, agile and programmable infrastructure solution offering personalized services anywhere, anytime. Whether you are building a design for a new facility or upgrading an existing… Details

Physical Security

Protect your business, assets and employees Our Physical Security solutions enable our clients to effectively manage threats and risks Our Physical Security Solutions focus on providing a completely customizable model to prevent fraud, theft, break-in, vandalism and property damage. From basic surveillance to a more advanced system for security, we improve the quality of life… Details

Software Solutions

Think Out-of-the-box Tailored Software Solutions to fit your needs You have unique processes that don't fit inside a box? We understand that each customer's business requirements are distinctive. We take pride in creating software solutions which resolve operational issues and deliver tangible value on a daily basis. You can count on our Software department to… Details

Network Security

Our array of security products will protect your confidential information We know that the Data on your network is one of your most important assets. And we know howcritical it is to keep your IT system available Don't become a target! Shield your network from unauthorized access to avoid incalculable risks. Following on-premises or cloud… Details

Data Centers & Cloud Computing

Intelligent solutions for a more agile business We drive Data Center efficiency and help you migrate to the cloud If people are the heart of your company, then the data center is its brain, where the most critical processes are run. We understand that quality storage, connectivity and handling are keys to your organization's success.… Details