We understand the specific challenges you face in your industry.

Four decades of experience working with diverse customers across multiple industries enables us to leverage our expertise and best practices to drive value for your business.
Yes! We do recognize your particular complexities and our tailor-made ICT solutions can help you tackle them head on. So you and your team can work all the more proficiently and profitably, cutting expenses while concentrating on customer engagement and business growth.
Embrace new innovations.
Our 360° approach helps you adapt to technological innovations to engage with customers, improve efficiencies, secure your infrastructure, safeguard your information, store your data and gain a competitive edge.


We help retailers leverage technology for customer engagement and retention, ensure the availability of IT infrastructure and keep store staff connected to key systems and data to drive efficiency.

Public Sector

Our main focus is to provide public organizations with operative processes to accelerate the delivery of services, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation.


Our ICT portfolio enables you to accelerate growth and innovation, improve product life cycle management and scan the global landscape for new markets, customers and opportunities.


With our ICT portfolio we enable enterprises to remain competitive by increasing performance, achieving cost savings building competitive skills and innovative capabilities.


Our Automated hospital information systems open up a world of faster response times, enhanced clinician life-saving decisions and improved patient care.


Our communication solution for both journalists and their audience will help you reach the mobile user, telling stories in multiple channels while increasing revenues and agility in your network.

Oil and Gaz

Integration of ICT improves efficiency of exploration, production and refining to optimize operations, meet business challenges and gain a competitive advantage.


Our ICT strategy offers rapid access to critical information and helps you act effectively to provide your bank that competitive edge to forge ahead in the marketplace.


We propose tailored made ICT solution to enhance efficiency, quality of service delivery and profitability of insurance companies.


Our ICT solutions help you grab opportunities, keep up with changes, and provide better communication services for customers while being people-oriented.


We help staff, teachers and students to get the most out of technology. We provide a feature rich, integrated technological environment to seamlessly enhance educational and administrative activities.


We offer an entire range of custom ICT services and solutions that government offices can use to optimize their processes, reduce costs and provide better services to citizens.


We integrate smart technology to satisfy guests’ expectations, grow occupancy rate, increase return visits, create personalized experiences and achieve differentiation.

In a highly competitive environment there is a pressing need to innovate and improve. Our ICT solutions and our team of engineers will leverage technology to provide you with a streamlined, agile, and profitable operating model for the future.

As a leading Systems Integrator in the region, we help you accelerate business transformation through ICT innovation. Those innovative solutions are securing the future of your company.

Why Libatel
Our experience, expertise, flexibility and after-sales support make us a reliable Technology partner.

  • We handle the needs of any business, in any sector – small or corporate, private or public.
  • Each customer is unique. Client satisfaction is at the core of our achievements.
  • We create best fitting and cost-effective solutions
  • Our many years of project experience stand for reliability.